Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Our friends, the Melvilles, left for the States yesterday and our team truly will not be the same without them.  Our families have grown close over the past year.  Graham and I have worked a lot together in the office and in leading Navigators 2:7 discipleship.  I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him.  I told Kerri that he reminds me a lot of my dad.  He's just one of those guys that seems to always be on top of things, a man of integrity and someone you can count on when you're in a pinch.  

This past Sunday we had a farewell party at our home.  Many of the pastors and other Zambians that Graham and Sarah have built relationships with over the past two years came to say their goodbyes.  I've included this video of part of our time.  If there's a party in Zambia, there is singing!

On a personal note, Graham and Sarah, we already miss you guys.  When we make it back to the States, we'll have to come over for another "Potato Night."

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