Monday, May 18, 2009

You've Gained

There are many interesting and sometimes funny things that happen when you enter a culture that is different from your own.  In the USA, if someone you know has put on some weight, you wouldn't dare say anything about it to them.  You might comment to your spouse or another friend (and if you're from the South, you'll say she's looking a little "fuller than usual" and follow it with a "bless her heart"), but you would never want to embarrass the person by mentioning his or her weight.  

Well, this is most definitely not the case here in Zambia.  Most Zambians consider it a good thing to be gaining weight - it's a sign that you are healthy and happy.  So, if you've put on a few pounds (or kg's here), people are quick to point it out.  Having been in the States, being spoiled by living with Brent's parents, and, let's face it, indulging in everything we love to eat for 6 months, Brent and I have both put on extra weight.  So now that we're back in Zambia, the first thing people say to us when they see us is, "Oh, you've gained!"   I told Brent after church yesterday that it really cracks me up that I'm constantly being told how chubby I am.  I'm not exaggerating either.  EVERY Zambian friend I have seen has commented that I've gained weight.  The funny part is that they in no way see it as an insult.  They are just stating the obvious and letting you know that you look healthy and happy!  I guess it's a good incentive to get back to working out and eating healthily!  Hopefully soon they'll be asking me if my husband is treating me well because I'm looking too skinny!  :-)  

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Misty said...

Hey this is hilarious. Do they take into consideration that you just recently had a baby?