Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Smelly Post

Here is a post you truly cannot appreciate because we have no way for you to smell the odors originating from underneath our bathroom floor and also from the ceiling in Caleb's closet.  Shortly after we returned from the States, we realized that we had a problem with rats.  So, we did the normal thing and put out some poison.  

Well, the poison worked, but the little boogers didn't figure a way out of the house before kicking the bucket.  And they died in two different places that we do not have access to: underneath the house and in the ceilings.  So, the only solution is to wait for Mother Nature to take her course and for the smells to dissipate.  So, until then, we're left with a stinky situation!

No, complaints.  It is something we've grown accustomed to living in Zambia, but just thought you would like to share in our experiences... and be thankful for Terminex : )

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