Friday, May 08, 2009

May Showers in Zambia

There's not much to talk about in these first few days.  We've just been busy unpacking and reuniting with old friends.  So, I figured I would begin our Zambian posts with what everyone talks about on a daily basis just about anywhere in the world -- The Weather!

I don't know if you remember or not, but when we came in February 2008, we experienced one or two showers that month and then no more rain for 6 months.  Usually, the rainy season is tapering off around March and April, but this year seems a bit different.  This afternoon, we experienced a torrential downpour when heading over to the Allens for dinner.

Normally, rain wouldn't be an exciting topic of conversation, but when it happens in May in Zambia, it is rather unusual.  The kids loved it.  Afterwards, they went outside and got all muddy.  Anyways, it was just an interesting part of our Friday here in Zambia.

I shot a quick video of the rains if you want to see.  Just CLICK HERE.

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