Monday, March 23, 2009

Lessons Learned

Over the past few months, we have been given the opportunity to share with many different churches and small groups about our ministry in Zambia and what God has been teaching us over the past year. Just thought you might be interested in hearing a little bit more of what we have been sharing while here in the States. Below are some video clips from our recent trip to Gaffney. They are of a sermon that the Lord laid on my heart to share here in the States. And please remember, TV adds about 25 pounds : ) At least that's what I'm telling myself.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Prayer Request

Please be in prayer for Kerri's father's side of the family. Kerri's grandmother passed away early Wednesday morning. She had been suffering from several physical ailments. Please be in prayer for her sons and daughters as well as the grandchildren.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Update on Ellie

I'm sorry to say that we haven't been very on top of things when it comes to taking pictures of Ellie. So I thought I'd just post a few pictures of our little girl so you can see how big she's getting and what a cutie she is!  She is 11 weeks old.

Sweet face

Contemplating her African friend Zebra

She spit up just after this picture...wonder why!

All smiles and lots of chins!


We had a wonderful trip to Gaffney, SC last weekend. We were so blessed by the people of the community there and had a great time staying with my aunt and uncle who live on a farm there. On Sunday Brent preached and I sang at Grassy Pond Baptist Church. The church made us feel so welcome and we enjoyed sharing some of what God has been teaching us over the last year.

On Monday we visited the Good News Bible Club at Grassy Pond Elementary School. This group adopted us as their missionaries in the fall. One of their leaders comes in each week and reads them excerpts from our blog so they are very acquainted with us and what we're doing in Africa. They have prayed for us! It was so neat to be there and to meet those kids. They had a million questions and it was fun! We taught them a Bemba song called Takwaba and enjoyed watching them sing and dance.

One highlight of the weekend for the kids was getting to ride a horse. Their cousin Christopher very kindly arranged for the kids to be able to ride and also led them around on the horse whose name was Sagebrush. It was relaxing to be out in the country and to enjoy the beauty of God's creation and the beauty of His people in Gaffney, SC. Thank you all for your hospitality and your encouragement!

(And yes, Gracyn got her hair cut!)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lydia Update

This update was posted by our friend Megan. She is on our team in Zambia and is good friends with Lydia. Please continue to pray.

Today I went to see Lydia. When I got to the house she was sitting outside with her parents in the sun. The doctor wants her awake and outside. When I saw her I asked her "Lydia, How are you?" And she answered "I am fine". She was eating an orange. I was so proud of her that she responded! She has made leaps and bounds, but is still not out of the woods. I told her that she looked beautiful and she started to cry. My heart broke. We moved her from the mat to the wheelchair and again she started to cry. It is painful for her to put weight on her legs and she is still blind, so she is easily scared. Please continue to pray for Lydia and a continued thanks to all of those who have supported her financially for medical bills.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Speaking in Gaffney

Just wanted to put a quick note out here to let you know that we will be speaking at a church in Gaffney this weekend. I'll be preaching the Sunday service and then on Monday, we'll be sharing with some of their youth who have been praying for us as we've been in Zambia.

Please pray that Jesus is glorified through our time with them.