Thursday, October 02, 2008

Planning Weekend

This weekend, we're having an offsite meeting to discuss the ministry here in Zambia.  With the founders of Action Zambia, the Ripleys, leaving the field, we have a lot to discuss as to how to continue in ministry here in Zambia.  
  • Please pray for wisdom, clarity of vision and team unity.  
  • Pray for Steve Allen.  He is flying in for one week and will probably be getting over jet lag in the beginning stages of the weekend.  
  • Pray also for the logistics.  We will be having meetings during the day Saturday and Sunday and we all have lots of kids.  Pray that we would find ways of keeping them adequately entertained so that what needs to be accomplished will be accomplished with little interruption.
  • Pray for the Ripleys as they travel back to the States.  Pray for safety in travel.  Pray that over the next few months, God would give them wisdom.  Pray that He would show them exactly the next place/ministry/job He is calling them too.

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