Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pay Backs !!!

A while ago my dear friends, the Robert's, hijacked my blog...well Brent, next time you sign out you need to watch out for Graham and his stealth computer skills.

This is a photo of Brent being a complete chicken after falling out of a raft while white water rafting...SO CUTE!!! This photo has been put out for a caption far we have "Oh dear, I've wet my pants"..."Our Father, who art in heaven..." Please submit your "caption" in the comments below.

As you all know, the Roberts are leaving us in a few weeks...please take care of them while they are at home so they can return to us quickly! We are so blessed to have them on our AZ team...

Consider this payback for the countless number of dirty "Maddy" diapers hidden in various vehicles for weeks on end!!! We will miss you!!!

Megan & Graham for the "AZ Victims of Brent's Shenanigans"

FYI....(Updated after I found out that I had been dooped!)

This is what the boat looked like just before the above picture was taken. Just thought I would give some perspective. Thanks Megan for the post.



Randy said...

"I was in the pool!"

Roberts said...

Have you seen my helmet???

ShalomSeeker said...

"I KNEW I should have worn my arm floaties!"
;-) We'll do our best to take care of 'em...and send 'em back! :-D