Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Good Weekend

Thank you so much for your prayers concerning our planning session this past weekend.  We went to Ciyanjano (our ministry center) for a weekend of fun and planning.  I can honestly say that it went better than expected.  God seemed to answer a lot of prayers and we all walked away from the weekend encouraged by what the future holds.  

One interesting thing happened during our time as well.  Nearing the end of the weekend, a man who lived up the road from the Ciyanjano stopped by to visit.  He had a burlap bag with something inside that he wanted to show us.  It was a 4 foot puff adder!  Don't worry Mom, this little critter was not out wandering around the property.  And this is at least a 45 minute drive into the country away from our house.  He was brought to the gate by a man who catches and sells snakes and other creatures for a living.

This particular breed of snake is considered the deadliest snake in all of Africa and can have fangs as long as 1 & 1/2 inches.  Here I am holding its tail.  Just call me the Croc Hunter?  Kerri wasn't around when I took this picture.  So, when she saw it she about killed me.  But when do you ever get the chance to say that you held the deadliest snake in all of Africa and lived to tell about it?  Not a good argument huh?  She didn't think so either.

Anyways, it was a good end to a good weekend.

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