Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Internet Woes

We're sorry for not posting for the last week.  We've been experiencing issues with our internet and keep getting knocked off.  I am typing this post hoping the same will not happen.

Here are some quick updates.  We hope to have some more posts up soon.

Discipleship Materials
The past two Sundays, I have been piloting some discipleship materials with the church that we attend here in Lusaka.  They asked me to come in and teach the church on Sunday mornings.  Please pray for me in this area.  I'm trying to develop a basic discipleship curriculum which teaches believers here the core aspects of the gospel and then equips them to share it with other people.

Village Piggery
I went with Alex yesterday to Chongwe (about 45 km east of Lusaka).  We were finalizing a design for a village piggery and negotiating prices for its construction.  Alex desires to go into ministry full-time and wants to use this piggery to allow him to pursue this option.  I'll be posting something about him and his family soon.

Kerri and I are still plugging along in our pursuit to learn the language here (Nyanja).  We're nearing the end of our lessons on grammar and continue to need your prayers for this aspect of our ministry here in Zambia.

National Holiday Today
For those of you who don't know, Zambia will be laying to rest their president this morning.  Several foreign dignitaries are now in the Lusaka area and it is supposed to be a major event.  Zimbabwe's president Mugabe is here as well.  Please pray for this country.  Changing leadership in an African country is no easy thing.  There is always potential for violence as different parties vie for a spot in the president's office.

Again, we're sorry for not keeping you updated recently.  Hopefully, our internet will get better.  Blessings!

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