Thursday, September 04, 2008

Indecent Exposure

Wednesday morning, I decided to go for a run, which is the same time President Manawasa was being laid to rest.  The run was a long one and I didn't have a proper running shirt.  So, I decided to run without a shirt and get some much needed sun.  

The run started out great, I ran out of our neighborhood, past parliament (passing several police officers on the way), and up past Manda Hill, a local shopping center which was closed for business because of the funeral.  I have to mention, that before I reached Manda Hill, I must have passed at least 10 police officers, all of who said their kind hellos and other familiar morning greetings.

But when I got in front of Manda Hill, there were about 8 officers sitting just inside the closed gate.  As I passed by, a few of them stopped me and asked me to come over.  After asking the officers what the problem was, one of them said "I know you are in training, but today is a special day and we have a lot of important people here.  You need to go back to your home and put a shirt on."  I was caught a little bit off guard, but I complied, turned around and headed home.  I guess I won't be going on any runs without the proper attire from now on : )

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