Friday, August 15, 2008

Pray for our Campers!

This morning at 7:00, Brent, Caleb and Gracyn shoved off with Luke, Macy, Emma and Payton Whitfield to meet the rest of the team and then caravan to Mushingashi Game Conservancy.  They will spend the weekend with most of the rest of our team camping (yes in a tent - a huge 3 room one, though) and driving their own safaris in the park.  We decided that it would be best for Maddie and me to skip this one.  She is at such a busy age and always getting into things that just the thought of having her camping in the "wild" was stressful to me!  So, she and I will be enjoying some one-on-one time together, and I'll be enjoying some more alone time than usual.  I have been craving time to myself for quite a while now.  

I can't wait to post the picture of the guys and kids packed into our car like sardines.  It was hilarious!  Our car seats 7, so they had every seat filled and all their stuff packed under, behind, between and around the kids.  Gracyn and Payton were in the jump seats in back completely surrounded with pillows and sleeping bags.  If they were to have an accident, God forbid, those two would be just fine!  The bigger 3 kids were in the back seat with absolutely no leg space, and in addition, the top of the car was loaded too.  It was a sight, for sure.  Incidentally, don't worry, they are all wearing seat belts!  Thankfully their trip home should be much lighter.  I just hope they make it there without any horrid leg cramps or puking!

I'm sure they are going to have lots of fun, and we'll post some pictures as soon as the crew returns on Sunday.  In the mean time, would you please pray?  
  • Pray for the safety of all our team members as they drive far away from civilization and return on Sunday.
  • Pray for all the vehicles to function properly and for an abundance of diesel (it's been short here in Lusaka lately).
  • Pray for their safety and health at Mushingashi and that God would keep critters and reptiles at a safe distance from them all. 
  • Pray that all who are on the trip have fun and enjoy relaxing and enjoying God's creation!
  • Pray that Brent and Luke won't lose their minds with 5 kids and no Mommies.
  • Pray that God will give me some refreshing time in His presence this weekend.
  • Pray for Elise and Tazi Whitfield as they return today from a week-long ministry trip to the bush.    
Thanks so much!  

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