Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ministry Stuff

Developing Curriculum
Please pray for me over the next several weeks.  I am developing some basic discipleship curriculum that is geared towards the African Church and new believers in the African church.

Cell Group Seminar
This coming Saturday, I will be teaching a seminar to a group of local pastors and church leaders on Cell Groups.  In addition to discussing the need for cell group ministry, I will be training these leaders on how to facilitate.  Please pray for me as I teach this seminar.

This past Monday, I sat down with a deacon at Great Commission who wants to start a piggery as a means to provide financially for his family.  His desire is to get this piggery up and running so he can leave his current job as a teacher and go into ministry full-time.  We projected all of his startup and operational costs.  He plans to begin in the next few months.

Hospital Visitation
Luke and I will begin visiting Lusaka Teaching Hospital this week with members of Great Commission.  Pastor Kandela expressed a desire for his church to start this ministry.  So, Luke and I will be doing whatever we can to assist them.

Discipleship for Pastors
Graham and I will be starting a Navigators 2:7 discipleship course with a group of 12 pastors and church leaders in the first week of September.  Our desire is to see these leaders equipped to then go and train the leaders in their church on how to disciple their church members.

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