Thursday, August 14, 2008

Going on a short vacation

Our team is doing a team retreat this weekend.  We're headed to a place called Mushangashi, about 4 & 1/2 hours west of Lusaka.  We were told to pack fireworks if we didn't have a gun because lions have been known to wander around the outskirts of the campsite.  We'll also be on the Kafue river and yes, the river has Crocs!  I guess this isn't like camping in the States.  Is it?  

Due to the increased risks of malaria, Kerri is staying home with Maddie, but me, Caleb and Gracyn have been taking our malaria meds and will be heading out for our first African camping trip tomorrow.  Should be an experience!  Please pray for us and our team.  Traveling in Africa isn't as easy as it seems and even though my dad isn't on these roads, they are still dangerous.  (Love you dad!)  We'll post some pictures sometime after our return.  God Bless.

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