Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hopefully, only one more guest posting...

This is guest published by John Ballentine

Apparently, getting Internet access is not as simple in Zambia as here in the US. Brent, via email, said that they should have their Internet access set up by next week. Therefore, they should be able to start posting again to this site and updating everyone on the events of the past few weeks.


John Ballentine

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Roberts Update

This post is being guest published by Carrie Ballentine.

Brent and Kerri are still unable to access the Internet to update this blog. So, they asked that we let you know how they're doing. Everyone is settling in quite nicely and enjoying their time at the farm. Unfortunately, they faced a bit of a scare when Maddie got sick and had to be admitted into the hospital. It all started with an ear infection, which she had before leaving the States. But her fever continued daily, as well as a nasty cough. After several days, Maddie woke up from a nap and her breathing was worse. In addition, her fever was high. They had their first overnighter in a Zambian hospital, which apparently, was an adventure. Thankfully, Maddie was cared for by a great Zambian pediatrician. She was diagnosed with viral pneumonia, which just has to run its course. She was released the following day. I spoke with Kerri today, and Maddie seems to be feeling much better, but is still running a low grade fever. Please pray that she will get well quickly, with no complications from this illness.

Other than this incident, it sounds as if they are doing well and adjusting to life in Africa. Caleb and Gracyn are enjoying playing with Grace & Gift (the Ripleys' kids) and find it great fun to play all day at the farm! Kerri is planning to buy appliances for their home tomorrow, and they hope to move in on Friday or Saturday of this week. Once they get into their house, they can get the internet set up and will be able to post to this blog on a regular basis.

Below are some pictures of the Roberts at the airport in Atlanta, preparing to go!

Caleb excited to get on the plane!

Maddie looking a little sleepy ... it's a long road ahead ...

The Roberts and the Ballentines ... one last picture.

And finally, a picture of all of their luggage. Can you imagine unpacking all of that?!?! We'll be praying for you, Brent and Kerri!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Roberts have (finally) arrived!

This post is being guest published by John Ballentine. First, I need to apologize. This email did not get to me and I did not find out about it until 8pm on Wednesday night so I did not get this out as quickly as the Roberts would have liked.

After much delay, Brent, Kerri & the kids got to the airport and on the plane on Sunday, Feb 10th. They arrived safely in Lusaka, Zambia on Tuesday.

Below is an excerpt from an email from Brent:

"I don’t have access to the internet for too long tonight, so this e-mail will be brief. Kerri and I are now at the Farm. The trip went really well. We got through London with no hitches and spent some great time with the Downers resting. The big kids travelled very well – slept lots! Maddie….not so much. But she’s doing much better now that she’s had a couple of naps in her own bed! Thank you SO much for praying for us. We definitely felt it! We’ll send more detail as soon as we can.

When we got here, the team met us as the airport. It was great to meet everyone face to face. We had breakfast with the team then took our stuff to the Farm. We’ll be here for a week or so."

Brent stated that he would update this blog as soon as possible, but it likely will not be until next week.

Please continue to pray for the Roberts as they adjust to life in Zambia and get settled in their new home. Please pray, too, that they will be able to get over their jet lag quickly so that they can get some good sleep!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Or Not...

Well, we were awakened this morning at 5:30 by the sound of Caleb throwing up. Lovely. So, we immediately started praying and seeking God for wisdom. We asked Him to make it abundantly clear whether we were to move forward today or not. Caleb threw up about once an hour and then at around 9:00, Gracyn threw up too. So, that was enough confirmation for us that, for some reason we may never know, God did not intend for us to travel today. Our flight has been rescheduled for Sunday, February 10. Please pray now for a quick recovery for the kids and continued health for the rest of us. We're so thankful to have you in our corner, and so thankful that we can rest in God's will and timing!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Here We Go!

Well, here we are. The day has finally arrived and we meet it with great anticipation. These last days have been stressful and heart-wrenching as we've been packing up our lives and saying good-bye to the people we love. It's very hard. However, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are moving forward in response to God's call and that brings peace to our hearts.
Will you please, PLEASE pray for us over these next 2 days as we travel. We will descend upon the Atlanta airport with 19 checked bags, 9 carry-ons, 3 car seats, 1 stroller and 3 children. Once we get to London we have to do all that again as we change airports there. We will need a huge amount of patience and grace. Please also pray for a supernatural calmness for our kids - especially Maddie. She's at that age now where she wants to get down, crawl around and explore the world. see my concern! Pray for lots of sleep!
We love all of you and appreciate your prayers more than we can ever express. Here we go!