Thursday, July 19, 2007

Have a Good Day

For the past two weeks our home church has been providing a summer enrichment program for the students of a near-by elementary school. They asked me if I would come and do music classes. It has been fun! They are really great kids!
Today one of the teachers asked me if I would share a little about Zambia with her class before I did the music lesson. Each day they have learned about a different country and then prayed for that country. So, off the cuff, I just told them basic information like where Zambia is, what the climate is like, what kinds of animals live there, what a hut village is like and then told them a little about what our family is going to do there in Zambia. I told them how the people are very poor and many are sick and that they need the hope of Jesus. Then I told them a little about the children who live in the streets. Then they prayed. The first child prayed, “God, I want you to give those people clean water to drink and food.” The second one prayed, “I want those people to know Jesus in their hearts.” Then the third prayed, “I wish that Mrs. Kerri’s family will not be killed; that they will survive….and have a good day. Amen.” Precious!